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Post‐Penile Implant Surgery Instructions

penile implant

We have gathered the most frequent questions that we received after implant surgery.

How much pain will I have?

You’re going to be requiring pain medications probably for about one or two weeks. However, you’re also going to continue to be sore your penis and scrotum, perhaps for about three or four weeks.

What medications will you need to take?

The most important one is the antibiotics. Doctors typically prescribe an antibiotic starting the day before the surgery.

You are to continue that antibiotic starting the day after the surgery.

So, the day of the surgery, you do not take it, but the day after the surgery, you take the antibiotic once you get home.

Your doctor may also prescribe you a second antibiotic. Just take them as instructed.I.

In terms of the pain medications, your physician may prescribe you Tramadol. You can combine it with extra strength Tylenol. You can take these every four to six hours.

I usually recommend you guys to do it every six hours and then alternate with ibuprofen. You can take ibuprofen at three hours after the Tramadol in the title together. That way, every three hours, you’re going to be taking something.

The next drug is Gabapentin. We usually prescribe it depending on how much reconstruction he needs to do. If he had to dissect the nerves, we might prescribe Gabapentin as a backup.

Lastly, we also prescribed you a stool softener, which is called Colace.

Take all medications as instructed, given that the pain medications can cause constipation. It would help if you were not straining too much when you have a bowel movement.

When and how do I take out my dressing?

The dressing comes out after 48 hours. I want you to remove everything. Remove the gauze and unwrap the penis. There’s a clear dressing which I want to remove as well.

Again, please remove the clear dressing you can start showing afterwards. You have some dissolvable stitches, which we do not need to remove.

What are my restrictions?

Do not indulge in any heavy activity or lifting for more than up to more than 20 pounds.

When can I return to work?

Usually, you can back to work after one week. Remember, just light duty, no heavy lifting.

Can I drive?

You cannot drive. You should not drive while taking pain medication because you’re going to be a little bit exhausted. And it can be dangerous for you.

When can I shower or bathe?

Shower after the dressings is removed. You can shower 48 hours after the surgery. It would be best if you did not bathe or swim for a total of six weeks until that incision is completely dry.

I have an erection. How can I conceal my penis?

The answer to that is a biker shorts that was recommended by one of my patients. These will help hide your penis. You’re not showing to the rest of the society that you have an implant with a partial erection.

Remember to try to keep the penis up against your belly. Do this by lifting from the scrotum, not lifting from the penis. Or raise the scrotum and everything against your stomach and hide it underneath those biker shorts.

When can I use the implants?

Do not use the penile implant until your follow up appointment. I want to make sure that the incision is well-healed and that you’re able to have long term.

Is there I need to watch out for?

Remember that you just had surgery. That is why your penis will turn all sorts of colours. The only call you have to watch out for is black. If the head of the penis becomes black, please give us a call. However, it is going to turn green, purple, just like any other bruise.

Watch out for fevers. If you have a temperature of more than 101 or higher, severe pain, the penis or scrotal pain with swelling, severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, if you are unable to urinate, please give us a call.

You can also be unable to have a bowel movement. It is relatively common, as well. However, remember you are taking pain medications, which make constipate you. So try using a fleet enema at home.

These are the most frequently asked questions. Please, let us know if you have any other inquiries that you feel should be addressed. We want to help you have the best outcomes and a smooth ride after your surgery.

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