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Where To Buy Modafinil Online?

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Modafinil For Sale – Does It Worth It?

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(Note: If you choose to buy Modafinil online through the discount link above, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Your support is very much appreciated, and I’d love to hear from you about your overall experience)

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modafinil precautions

Is it Legal To Buy Modafinil Online?

When I first started using Modafinil consistently, the biggest obstacle I faced was dealing with illegitimate vendors that would:

  • Ship out questionable product;
  • Take my money and run;
  • Offer no discount if my package was lost in transit

The worst feeling in the world was placing an order, having to wait for weeks for a no-show package, feeling like I just got robbed. This is the #1 reason I am recommending Mypillslive in particular. The owners believe that customer satisfaction is #1, and their success and positive reviews are a testament to that.

What Modafinil Generic To Get?

Mypillslive.com specializes in the distribution of two products: Modafinil and Armodafinil. The products available for purchase are ModAlert 200Modvigil 200WakAlert 150, and Artvigil 200.

Modvigil is the generic version of Modafinil and Artvigil is the generic version of Armodafinil.

There is absolutely no difference in the product quality between the generic version of either drug or their slightly more expensive brand name counterparts.

Armodafinil contains only the active ingredient present in Modafinil and thereby comes in smaller dosages to achieve a similar effect.

Its chemical structure is very close to Modafinil, and you will be able to get all the benefits of Modafinil through it (many users support that they like it even better). Check out this post to get more specific information on legalities and learn more about where to buy Armodafinil online.

If you’re unsure which product to try, the online pharmacy offers this great sample pack that allows you to try 10 of each pill (20 full 200mg Modafinil pills + 20 full 150mg Armodafinil pills) for the low price of $80

It is excellent for beginners and any first-time buyers to experiment and discover whether Modafinil or Armodafinil works better. Since both drugs work on different receptors and go through various chemical pathways, it’s better to experiment through trial and error and find which one works best for your own needs.

Choosing a Payment Method

ModafinilCat currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoins. If you use Bitcoins, you will receive a discount on the purchase. You can buy Bitcoins from various sites on the Internet and stored them in an online “wallet.” 

Can You Buy Modafinil Over The Counter?

You cannot buy Modafinil over the counter in the US or UK. First, you have to obtain a prescription from your doctor. Then you can buy Modafinil online or from any physical drugstore. 

However, you can try and order generic Provigil from offshore pharmacies. If you get lucky, you will get the drug of top quality. 

Why Is Modafinil So Expensive?

As with most tops selling drugs, the brand drug Provigil really costs a fortune. However, you can save money and buy generic Modafinil, which is 100% identical to Provigil. You can purchase Modafinil generic for as low as $1.5 per pill. 

How To Get Prescription For Modafinil?

You get a prescription for Modafinil from your doctor if you suffer from sleepiness caused by narcolepsy. Other indications for prescribing the drug are shift work, sleep disorder, hard time falling asleep or sleepy condition at work. 

If you have one or several health conditions mentioned above, you can make an appointment with your physician and ask for the desired prescription. 

Modafinil Dosage

modafinil dosage

You have to take the proper Modafinil dosage to ensure you get the best out of using this nootropic. The dosage is important as far as its ability to treat your wakefulness condition properly. First, let’s get into some of the main factors that can impact what type of dosage you’d be taking:

  • How severe your wakefulness condition is – The primary condition Modafinil is used for is Narcolepsy, but other healt conditions apply.
  • How old you are – Age might play a factor because age will impact your likelihood of being on other medications or how your body responds to a certain dosage.
  • Body size – There’s a typical Modafinil dosage that doctors usually prescribe. However, depending on how big someone is, they might have to make adjustments to this minimum dosage to ensure the patient receives the desired benefit.

What are the two standard Modafinil dosages you’ll usually be taking if given this treatment?

modafinil side effects

There are two main dosages. The first is 100mg, and the second is 200mg. The larger dosage is prescribed for people who might not be responding to the lower dosage. It is possible to get even higher dosages. However, the higher the dosage, the more likely you will experience side effects.

It is the main reason why a doctor will want to test you out first with the minimal dosage. If you can avoid the higher dosages, then this is preferred.

If the dosage you’re taking isn’t working, then will it be a good idea to take more than one dose in a single day?

Higher dosages of over 200mg are given to certain people with extreme wakefulness conditions, but this is less common. While higher dosages of this treatment aren’t going to prove as risky as high dosages of other medications, it’s still not preferred.

Some people will not experience the benefits their expecting from the dosage prescribed and will try to take more than one capsule. You have to avoid this because you do not want to avoid dependency issues. Plus, if you’re taking other medications, there’s a chance for negative interactions.

Can you variate the dosage to minimize your risk or take the treatment only when you feel you need it most?

Variating the dosage would mean breaking it down into smaller pieces or only taking it when your problem was most severe. You wouldn’t want to do this. Modafinil isn’t a treatment you take as needed or one where you variate the dosage. 

You take the dosage given in one shot and at the same time each day. It keeps you safe and ensures you get the most from the treatment.

Generic Modafinil vs. Provigil

One of the main reasons people are so skeptical about using generic medications is that they believe they are inferior. A few of the reasons people think this is because they’ve had a bad experience with a generic option they’ve used in most cases. 

If you’re someone who needs to use Modafinil, you should set aside your skepticism about going to the generic route. This is because the generic version is just as good as the brand name, assuming you purchase it from the right source.

Let’s go over 5 main reasons why generic Modafinil will work just as well for you as the brand name version will.

  1. Generic Modafinil isn’t any different from the brand name version barring the fact that one is the well-known name and the other isn’t. All you’re paying for is the brand name. It’s like spending more money for Clorox bleach versus getting generic bleach for half the price. So, why buy Provigil if you can get cheap Modafinil for sale?
  2. The brand name version of Modafinil costs more due to the high expense of advertising it and initially developing it. A generic manufacturer does not need to invest much money in all of these. Therefore, your cost is lower.
  3. If you use the brand name Modafinil, then chances are you’re going to spend a lot of money on it over the lifetime of your use. This wakefulness agent is potent, and chances are you’ll want to use it consistently. The cost can cut into your recreational spending money or even money designated to pay bills.
  4. Generic Modafinil comes with the same active ingredients as the brand-name version. The only difference is that it might come in different concentrations. Plus, the binding components might be different, affecting how well the drug works. That is why so important for you to get a generic medication from a resource known to provide top quality.
  5. If you use the generic version of this brain pill, then you’ll be able to ensure you don’t cut into the money you use for other medications you might require more. Often a person who uses one drug likely uses another. The cost can vary, and you want to make sure you manage these costs. 

If you can use the brand-name version of Modafinil without the cost affecting your overall budget, then that’s one thing. However, the generic version will work just as well and can save you hundreds or more per year as a result. 

Buy Modafinil generic legally from trusted sources and enjoy the excellent work of your brain.

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